About us

Group, also known as Group is a global financial services provider that specializes in financial investments, asset management, and corporate finance. With its headquarters in Germany, United States, Vietnam, and other countries.

Group works in close collaboration with governments, financial institutions, and other partners around the world to provide comprehensive solutions for its clients.

Group offers a wide range of services, including portfolio management, investment banking, capital markets, and structured finance…

Group is also actively involved in venture capital and private equity investments. The Group’s mission is to provide its clients with the best possible financial solutions and advice.


Along with the trend of global integration,  always acts as a bridge linking among countries in the area of investment and cooperation, contributing to an effective and professional business environment.

Core Values:
leaders and staff are constantly responsible, dedicated, collaborative to build a professional and effective working environment.

Operating Principles:
always operates on the basis of respect and integrity; promotes a high spirit of responsibility, discipline and responsiveness; creates better value to win lasting trust from our partners all over the world.